Fall Callout

The Old Masters Fall Host Callout will be held on August 29, 2017 in ME 1130 at 7 PM. Come join us and learn more about one of Purdue’s oldest traditions!

Host Position Description

The Old Masters Hosts are 50 of Purdue’s most enthusiastic and dedicated student leaders. They are selected based on their completion and performance in an extensive petition and interview process, after which they begin their six-week Old Masters training. The Host Boot Camp consists of weekly meetings centered on program preparation and project presentations. These meetings allow the Host and Hostesses to get to know each other, their Old Masters, and the format of the program.

Each meeting builds upon the previous week as the Host and Hostesses complete creative projects detailing their Old Master’s achievements and the program itself. There are five Hosts assigned to each Old Master. These students serve as their Old Master’s liaisons for the week, accompanying them to classroom talks, lunch engagements, and evening banquets.



Benefits of being a Host

You get to work with 49 other outstanding hosts and hostesses.

You will further develop your people skills on a professional level and be exposed to etiquette as it pertains to the business world.

You will have the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals who have achieved great success in their various fields while making a positive impact on the world.