2017 Old Masters

Brian Cardinal

Mr. Brian Cardinal received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Purdue University in 2000. He is most commonly recognized for his 12-years of experience as a professional athlete in the NBA where he played on a variety of teams including the Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Dallas Mavericks, where he was a member of 2011 Championship Team. Cardinal now holds the title of Assistant Director for the John Purdue Club and is a Management Trainee for the NBA. He is Co-Founder of Item of the Game, a partnership with MainGate Inc. out of Indianapolis, IN. We are excited to welcome back this NBA athlete, Krannert alum and fellow Boilermaker, Brian Cardinal to our program in November.

Dr. Moses Chan

Dr. Moses Chan received his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1991, 1993 and 1999; from Purdue University. He is currently a technical fellow at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, and leads teams of academic researchers and engineers in research & development efforts of space tracking and surveillance, missile identification, recommender engine, space situation awareness, and cognitive sensing applications. Dr. Chan’s research work led to 15+ patents/trade secrets, and 30+ publications in numerous journals and conference proceedings in both classified and unclassified domains. Before his career with Lockheed Martin, he experienced the high-tech world in the Silicon Valley where he developed software for wafer defect detection systems and internet caching appliances. He then joined Raytheon Missile Systems to develop advanced fusion architectures for automatic target discrimination systems. We are excited to welcome Dr. Chan back to campus for this year’s program.

Malcolm DeKryger

Malcolm DeKryger is a 1983 Alumnus of the College of Agriculture at Purdue University, where he earned his Master’s degree. He currently serves on the Purdue Board of Trustees, a position he has held since 2016. Mr. DeKryger serves as the President/CEO of Belstra Milling Company out of DeMotte, IN. He is also part-owner/primary developer of the Belstra Group pig farms. Throughout the years, Mr. DeKryger has gained much recognition within the communities he serves, including receiving the Outstanding Community Involvement and Neighbor Relations award from the Indiana Soybean Alliance in 2008. He has also earned the title of “Master of the Pork Industry” award more recently in 2013. His experiences and dedication to this university have truly made a difference in the lives of Ag alumni for years to come. In 2012, he received the Purdue Distinguished Ag Alumnus award. We hope you are all just as excited as we are to welcome back Mr. Malcolm DeKryger in November.

Julie Goonewardene

Ms. Julie Goonewardene received her Bachelor of Science with Honors in General Management in 1981 and a Master’s in Health Communication in 2010 from Purdue University. She is currently the Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Strategic Investment/Managing Director UT Horizon Fund at the University of Texas System. As Vice Chancellor, she is responsible for the UT Horizon fund, a $50 million venture capital fund that invests in UT based companies. In addition, she currently is currently a Chairwoman for Diaceutics’ Advisory Board. Prior to Ms. Goonewardene’s position at UT, she founded and served as President and CEO of Cantilever Technologies, LLC, served as the President of Strategic Systems Group, and was the former Director of Business Development for the Purdue Research Foundation and Discovery Park. She has also served as a former National Advisor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the U.S. Department of Commerce, and was selected and served as the only non-physician trustee for the American Medical Association. We are honored to welcome Ms. Goonewardene back to campus this fall.


Kathy Kilmer

Ms. Kathy Kilmer received her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University in 1992, and holds two Master’s degrees from the University of Central Florida (UCF): Master of Science in Operations Research in 1996 and an Executive Masters of Business Administration in 2000. She is currently the Director of Sales and Insights for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, where she oversees sales and marketing efforts that drive business to Disney theme parks and resorts around the world. Prior to her current role, Ms. Kilmer was director of Industrial Engineering for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., where her role involved improving the effectiveness, efficiency and overall profitability across theme parks, water parks, hotels and resorts and Disney Cruise Line. Ms. Kilmer serves on Purdue University’s Engineering Advisory Board and INFORMS Analytics Certification Board. She is a recipient of IIE’s UPS Excellence Award for Minority Advancement, Disney’s Partners In Excellence lifetime achievement award, Purdue University’s Outstanding IE Alumni Award and IIE’s Fellows Award. She is also an inductee in Purdue University’s Engineering Cooperative Education Hall of Fame and recently received Purdue University’s Distinguished Engineering Alumni award. We are looking forward to hosting Ms. Kilmer in November.

Ed Langford

Mr. Ed Langford received his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Purdue University in 1981. He then went on to earn a Master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College in 2000. Langford served as a Naval Aviator in the US Navy for 28 years before moving into his role as Cruise Missile Support Activity, Atlantic as a Technical Director. During his time in the Navy, he supported the combat commanders of USCENTCOM, USAFRICOM, USSOCOM, USSOUTHCOM, USSTRATCOM, USEUCOM, and USPACOM as well as assisting other commanders, agencies and activities worldwide. He has over 3100 flights hours and many awards and honors in his name including a Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit and Navy Achievement Medal (to name a few). In addition to these recognitions, Langford was also the Launch Area Coordinator for the first use of Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles in the Operation Unified Endeavor. We are honored to have Mr. Ed Langford as a 2017 Old Master.

Dr. Katie MacFarlane

Dr. Katie MacFarlane received her Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Pharmacy at Purdue University, in 1988 and 1989. Additionally, she received postdoctoral fellowship training in Industrial Clinical Pharmacy Practice at Rutgers and Hoffmann-LaRoche, in 1991. She is the Founder and currently a Managing Partner at SmartPharma LLC, a consulting firm that provides services to a variety of clients in the pharmaceutical industry for the commercialization of drug products and medical devices. Additionally, Dr. MacFarlane serves as a Senior Vice President of Commercial Development for Napo Pharmaceuticals and as an Affiliate Faculty for Purdue’s Dept. of Pharmacy Practice. Her previous work experience includes but is not limited to, Chief Commercial Officer of Agile Therapeutics, Regional Sales Director of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Director of Marketing for Lipitor and Cardiovascular Parke-Davis/Warner-Lambert as well as Sr. Clinical Scientist, Cardiovascular Medical Research, Parke-Davis/Warner-Lambert. Dr. MacFarlane has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry with experience in marketing, product development, sales management and new product development. We are excited to have Dr. Katie MacFarlane join us this fall.

Anthony Miller

Anthony Miller graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Early in his career, Mr. Miller worked as a Partner in McKinsey & Company. After leaving McKinsey & Company, Mr. Miller worked with an investment firm, Silver Lake Partners, as a Director. In 2009, Mr. Miller was announced as the Deputy Secretary of Education and Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Education under the Obama Administration. After serving the first term of the Obama administration, Mr. Miller aided in the co-founding of a venture capitalist firm: the Vistria Group. He is currently still working with the Vistria Group, in the roles of Partner and Chief Operating Officer.  We are honored to welcome Mr. Miller as a 2017 Old Master.

Ginger Thompson

Ginger Thompson received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Purdue University in 1986. She is most credibly noted for the 15 years spent with the New York Times as a Washington Correspondent and Investigative Reporter as the Mexico City Bureau Chief. During her time in this role, Thompson covered various stories including the transition to Mexico’s multi- party democracy which became national news in Cuba, Haiti and Venezuela. In addition, Thompson was credited for her position as the investigative reporter with the Times where she reported on private security contractors, immigration and corruption. She was honored as a Pulitzer-Prize recipient for her piece on How Race is Lived in America. Thompson currently serves as a Senior Reporter at ProPublica in New York City. We are thrilled to have this Pulitzer-Prize winning Journalist, Ms. Ginger Thompson, join us for our Old Masters program.

Dr. Julia Kalish

We are excited to announce this year’s 2017 Honorary Old Master, Dr. Julia Kalish. Dr. Kalish received her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University in 1993. In addition, she received her Master’s in Industrial Technology and her Ph.D in Technology from Purdue. She has served as Continuing Lecturer in Krannert for 12 years, teaching a series of Management, IT and Organizational Leadership courses. Students have described Dr. Kalish as passionate, engaging, with a deep care and focus for the well being of her students and their overall success. She is a recipient of the Best Professor Award from the Exponent, noted for her dedication to the classroom. Dr. Julia Kalish demonstrates an immense passion for student success, growth and leadership and we cannot wait to have her as a part of the 2017 Old Masters program.

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