Welcome from Directing

Thank you for visiting the Old Masters site and Rising Professionals page! My name is Sofi Smith and I am honored to be the Directing Chair for the 2017 Rising Professionals Program. RP offers a truly unique opportunity that underclassmen don’t often receive: meeting, learning from, and building relationships with successful alumni who walked the same halls. As a host during the Program’s inaugural year, I experienced the richness of the program in both professional and personal development. Unique to the Rising Professionals program is the small age gap between students and alumni, allowing for a connection and relevance like no other. The time and stories shared with the five amazing Rising Professionals encouraged focus, ambition, and hard work in order to achieve our dreams. As proud Boilermakers who were heavily involved on our wonderful campus, they showed the effect the Purdue experience will have, building character and invaluable skills that pushed them to reach early success.

Now it is our turn to create a program that will impact more students. The 2017 Central Committee is comprised of 6 hosts from the inaugural year. Together we will build the next program by selecting the new class of Rising Professionals, planning events, doing publicity, and training outstanding freshmen and sophomore hosts.  Our founding members decided that this program would have to do four things to be successful: to connect underclassmen to Rising Professionals and future leaders, to honor successful Rising Professionals, to understand the role of the Purdue experience and how it contributed to the success of the Rising Professionals, and to develop a pipeline of students capable of moving Purdue forward. On behalf of RPCC, we are so excited to continue developing this program and invite back more amazing Rising Professionals in the Spring!

If you are interested in nominating a young alumni as a Rising Professionals, please this click here. If you are interested in being a host, follow Old Masters on Facebook for updates on callouts. Please reach out to directingrpcc@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Hail Purdue!