Dinner & Reception Requests

Monday Night Events

An Evening with the Old Masters

This event is free and open to the students and general community. It is a moderated panel discussion featuring the Old Master, and fueled by questions submitted to us from Purdue students/faculty or staff. This is a wonderful interaction that provides an opportunity to spend time learning about experiences and thoughts the Old Masters have to share on topics that are important to our campus community and future success. Come experience unparalleled access to some of the top minds that have been here on campus and that have impacted their world in amazing ways.

The event commences on November 6th at 5:00pm in Loeb Playhouse in Stewart Center and will conclude at 6:30pm.

Dining with the Dignitaries

The Old Masters want to get to know Purdue University’s outstanding students and organizations that make this campus so dynamic. On Monday evening, student organizations will be able to interact with the Old Masters and notable Purdue faculty in a formal dining atmosphere called Dining with the Dignitaries. This dinner is designed to accommodate a diverse group of students from varying organizations and campus involvements.

The event commences on November 6th at 7:00pm and will conclude around 9:00pm.

Please contact the Evening Events Co-Chairs at EveningOMCC@gmail.com if you are interested in your organization attending your event.

Tuesday Night Events

Tuesday night allows for the Old Masters to sit down and eat dinner with different campus organizations. These dinners allow Old Masters to connect more closely with campus and converse with another group of driven students.

Following dinner, the Old Masters attend the Closing Ceremony with their hosts and Old Masters Central Committee members to reminisce about their amazing Old Masters experience!