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Welcome to Purdue Old Masters

The Old Masters Program is a unique and well-established annual event at Purdue University. It was created in 1950 when student leaders, business representatives, and university officials together defined success as “honesty, personal integrity, and a good philosophy.” Continue reading…

2017 Old Masters Program

The 2017 Old Masters Program will take place November 5th – November 7th. The 2017 Old Masters are currently being selected and will be announced in the near future. We will release their information as soon as all Old Masters have accepted their invitation. One of the events that is open to the students and general community is An Evening with the Old Masters. This event is free and gives the Old Masters an opportunity to interact with the entire student body. We hope to see you there!

The 2016 program was incredible; you can find the 2016 Old Masters information here.

Check out the 2016 Program Newsletter here